Jankos leaving G2 after 5 years

Jankos leaves G2

Jankos has officially left G2 Esports after 5 years of outstanding performance. In an announcement video, he discussed G2’s challenges over the last few years as well as his reasons for departing.

Jankos was rumored to be departing G2, but nothing has been confirmed. Instead than waiting for someone else to notify his departure, Jankos made his own video.

Rather than a simple announcement tweet made by an org, Jankos went out of his way to create a film discussing his time with G2, as well as what went wrong at Worlds 2022.

Jankos also stated that he had no plans to leave G2 following this year. Instead, the organization wished to “experiment with a different jungler” in 2023.

Jankos is leaving G2, but he’s not going away.
Over the years, Jankos has become an integral element of G2’s identity. Jankos, along with players like Caps and Perkz, has been at the center of all of their successful showings both domestically and internationally, beginning with their MSI win in 2019 that restored faith in Western League of Legends.

Despite the bad news, Jankos seemed upbeat about the future in his introduction video. He stated that G2’s choice “makes perfect sense,” and that this shift may be beneficial to him in the long run.

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