Varus TFT Comp

Varus on TFT

With the newest game mode in League of Legends – TFT – being all about team fights, it’s important to have a strong champion at the heart of your team. Varus is the perfect champion for this purpose. His abilities make him an ideal choice for taking down enemy champions and securing objectives.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to build a team around Varus and use his abilities to your advantage in the TFT game mode.

Introduction to TFT Varus

You may be wondering: who is Varus? And what does he have to do with my TFT game?

Varus is a ranged carry champion who deals heavy damage from a distance. He’s especially powerful in team fights, where he can easily take down enemies one by one.

When building a table composition around Varus, you want to make sure you have plenty of allies who can help protect him and capitalize on his damage. Champions like Nunu and Tahm Kench are great choices, as they can buff Varus’s abilities and keep him safe in the thick of battle.


TFT Varus Overview

Mana: 120

Chain of Consellations

Varus sends out a cosmic tendril towards his target that strikes the first enemy hit, dealing physical damage and stunning them. Tendrils then spread to 3 nearby enemies, dealing magic damage and stunning them for the remainder of the duration.

Varus Synergies



After each player combat, gain an Astral Orb. The combined star level of your Astral champions increases the quality of the orb. Astral champions gains bonus Ability Power.


Innate: Gain 2 hex Attack Range. Swiftshots gain Attack Speed for each hex between themselves and their target.


Best Varus Items TFT

Recommended items

With Astrals

Get your 3-star Varus with these items as soon as possible.

TFT Varus Build

With Other Comps

As the game flow requires, keep building these items to your Varus.

The Best Team Composition for Varus

So you’ve decided to pick Varus for your team composition. Good choice. But what’s the best way to use him?

Well, let’s take a look at the table and see what we can come up with. There are a few things to consider when building a team around Varus.

First, he’s an incredibly strong laner. So you’ll want to make sure you have a strong early game presence on the table. Second, Varus is great at dealing damage in team fights, so you’ll want to make sure you have some champions on your team who can take advantage of that.

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure you have a solid frontline. Champions like Shyvana, Sylas, Skarner and Jayce are great for blocking enemy attacks and keeping your backline safe.

With those things in mind, your ideal team composition would look something like this: Varus, Shyvana, Jayce, Xayah, and Gnar.

Best Varus TFT Comp

So what makes Varus a good choice for your team composition? There are a few reasons.

For one, he has a lot of crowd control abilities that can easily disrupt the enemy team. He’s also great at dealing damage from a distance, which makes him ideal for poke comps.

But the real reason why he’s so powerful is because of his synergy with other champions. There are a few champions in particular that work really well with Varus, and we’ll cover them in more detail below.


When building a team in TFT, it’s important to focus on champions that can work well together to take down the enemy team. One of the best combinations is Varus and his allies. With his ranged attacks and ability to stun enemies, Varus can easily help take down enemies and secure kills.

If you’re looking to build a team composition around Varus, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, make sure you have allies that can help support him in battle. Champions like Ashe and Caitlyn are great for this, as they can provide ranged attacks that can help take down enemies from afar. Secondly, make sure you have champions that can buff Varus and help him deal even more damage. Champions like Jhin and Ziggs are perfect for this role, as they can help increase Varus’ damage output significantly.

With the right allies and table composition, you can easily dominate your opponents in TFT using Varus as your main champion.

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