Yuumi Rework Ready in 2023

Yuumi's Rework

Riot Games has a goal next year: to balance one of the most complicated champions in the game when it comes to balancing, as well as one of the most hated and loved in equal parts. 

The fact that Riot Games sends us a Christmas card to our house, congratulating us on Christmas, wishing us a good time in League of Legends, and thanking us for our work, even though we don’t tire of asking them to delete Yuumi, says a lot about this champion.

Yuumi Nerf in Patch 12.23

And it’s because despite the nerfs they gave to Yuumi in patch 12.23, she is a champion who, confirmed by Riot Games, will receive a rework in 2023, and the reason is simple: she has received more than 33 adjustments in the same number of patches since it was officially released.

The problem with the magic cat is her essence, her skill kit, and the way she is played: she gives movement speed, healing, damage, stuns in an area, and all this while being practically immortal, because she attaches to an ally and you can’t hit her directly.

That’s why Riot Games is going to do a rework on Yuumi in 2023, confirming that they are constantly thinking about how to balance the magic cat and sharing their conclusions for why Yuumi is always banned in competitive play.

Why is Yuumi Permantly Banned?

  1. Losing in the lane phase against Yuumi makes you feel like you’ve lost the game, due to how much she progresses from that point on. Yuumi’s power doesn’t depend on her own success, so doing poorly in the lane phase doesn’t seem to have any impact, since she can easily switch to another teammate.
  2. Being the ADC during the lane phase with Yuumi isn’t fun due to how weak she is at the beginning of the solo queue match and her tendency to attach to other characters.
  3. In the professional scene, there aren’t enough opportunities to counter Yuumi due to her great defensive potential and her tools to initiate fights. And they have gone straight to the point: they want to adjust Yuumi so that she still has the essence of protecting an ally and being a soft support that covers a nearby champion, but reducing her damage, enemy control, and defense in the lane phase.

Changing Lane Phase

In addition, they have ensured that they want to focus the rework mainly on the lane phase, considering that Yuumi can be more or less decisive depending on how well she is played in lane, and that means making her skills easier to dodge by enemies.

We will have to wait until next year to see the changes, but it is clear that Yuumi’s rework is a priority for Riot Games and that they will do everything possible to make her a fair and fun champion to play with and against.”

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